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  • The richest families in the world own billions, possessing $1.1 trillion in wealth collectively, according to Bloomberg.
  • This wealth is derived from various industries, including retail, media, agribusiness, technology, and more.
  • From the Ferrero family's Nutella fortune to the Walton family's Walmart fortune, here are the 25 richest families in the world.

From the richest families in America to the richest royals in Europe, high concentrations of wealth can be found all around the world.

In fact, there are 2,208 billionaire individuals across 72 countries for a combined total of $9.1 trillion, according to Forbes. But what about the world's billionaire families?

Bloomberg ranked the top 25 families with the richest fortunes across the globe — together, they possess $1.1 trillion in wealth from retail industries, media conglomerates, agribusiness companies, tech giants, and more. 

Bloomberg determined its ranking based on net worth figures from June 15, 2018. It didn't take into account first-generation fortunes, fortunes controlled by a single heir, or fortunes derived primarily from the state. For the purposes of this list, families who wealth stems from a joint company or enterprise are being considered as a single entry.

From the Ferrero family whose $22.9 billion fortune comes from Nutella to the Walton family whose $151.5 billion fortune comes from Walmart, see below for the 25 richest families in the world, ranked.

25. The Ferrero family

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Net worth: $22.9 billion

Source of wealth: Ferrero Group

The Ferrero family built its fortune on a chocolate confectionary empire. Ferrero Group's roots date back to 1940s Italy when it created what is now known as Nutella. In 2018, it acquired US Nestle's candy business. 

24. The Lauder family

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Net worth: $24.3 billion

Source of wealth: Estée Lauder

In 1947, the Estée Lauder brand was born. Today, the company, which includes 30 brands of makeup including MAC and Clinique, generates $12 billion in revenue from the sale of cosmetics and fragrances.

The Lauders are active philanthropists, and sons Leonard and Ronald are major art collectors. Leonard donated $1 billion worth of paintings and sculptures to the Met. The family also owns a lot of real estate.

23. The Hearst family

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Net worth: $24.5 billion

Source of wealth: Hearst Corporation

About 67 family members share the fortune that William Randolph Hearst created when he took over the San Francisco Examiner in the late 1800s.

Soon after, Hearst acquired other newspapers and forayed into radio and TV, creating the foundation for today's media giant, Hearst Corporation, which owns several newspapers, nearly 300 magazines, TV and radio stations, and stakes in cable TV channels.

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