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15 bizarre things that candidates have done in job interviews

Don't call your parents and don't bring your dog — just a few of the strange, but true interview antics seen by staffing firm Robert...

13 tech gadgets from the 1990s that are missed dearly

We will always celebrate the 1990s as the time when the World Wide Web really started changing our lives. Back then, our flannel was loose,...

9 things every business traveller should pack in their carry-on

Frequent fliers helped compile this list of the essential items they always keep packed in their carry-on bags: from a MiFi hotspot to your own...

According to the IMF, Canada has the most overvalued housing market in the world

This new report, which aims to put global housing markets in perspective, puts Canada at the top of the overvalued scale, 85% above the historic...

GOLDMAN: Here are the 10 big market themes for 2014

Central bankers' rush to the exit kicks off while it's show time for the developed world's recovery. These macro themes will dominate markets next year,...

CP Rail, Valeant among the 50 stocks that big hedge funds love most

The usual suspects — Apple, Microsoft, and Google — are all atop the list of stocks favored by the big guys. But there are also...

Justin Bieber just helped launch ‘Shots of Me,’ a mobile app exclusively for selfies

If you don't think we've already seen enough filtered photos of each other's faces, Justin Bieber is about to prove you wrong

17 extraordinary stories of ordinary people who randomly met Steve Jobs

Arguing over a quarter at Whole Foods checkout, a rant at a electronics store and other personal memories of the legendary innovator. Don't even ask...

29 stocks traders are shorting like crazy

At least one Canadian company made the list as short sellers shift their focus to oil, gas and raw materials stocks, which continue to face...

Why Lionsgate spent nearly twice as much on the ‘Hunger Games’ sequel

'Catching Fire' should have one of the largest box-office openings of the year — if not of all time

iPad Air: iFixIt teardown reveals what’s inside Apple’s new tablet

Just as they do with all Apple gadgets as the company releases them, the folks at iFixIt have gutted the new iPad Air

Google Inc’s barge secret revealed? Floating vessels may be giant party boats for showing off Google Glass

Google's giant, secret floating barges are party boats where senior Google executives will court highly favoured clients, mostly for marketing Google Glass, report says

50 universal truths that will make you more successful

These tips and tricks work for nearly everyone in every business

24 sad photos that show what Wal-Mart is doing wrong

Brian Sozzi at Belus Capital Advisors recently took a series of photos that he says illustrate how understaffed Wal-Mart locations have become

Here’s how markets will move in the first half hour after the U.S. jobs report, according to SocGen

Société Générale economist Brian Jones doesn’t stop at a prediction for how many jobs were created, he also predicts exactly how markets will move immediately...

Analysts agree gold is poised for a November rally

Even the most bearish warn it's not time to short the yellow metal yet

Google Inc: The fabulous life of chairman Eric Schmidt

Being the executive chairman of one of the most successful technology companies in the world comes with a few awesome perks

‘Friendstalker’ and other rejected early names for Twitter

Ev Williams jokingly suggested to fellow Twitter co-founder Noah Glass about calling the project “Friendstalker,” but it was ruled out as too creepy

An inside look at Google’s luxurious ‘Googleplex’ campus in California

Google is constantly being named as one of the best companies to work for. It feeds its employees three gourmet meals a day for free....

How a 35-year-old former Hooters waitress became Cinnabon’s president

Today, Kat Cole is credited with taking Cinnabon's indulgent creations to grocery store shelves and fast food chains like Taco Bell