Partner’s departure memo is biting, yet true

Constitutional Daily  has reproduced the tongue-in-cheek yet biting, farewell memo sent by a Biglaw partner as he left US legal giant, Sidley Austin. It is something for all in Biglaw to ponder as they start another year.

The memo goes as follows:

“I have realized that I cannot simultaneously meet the demands of career and family. Without criticizing those who have chosen lucre over progeny, let me just say that I am leaving the practice of law. My epiphany may have come a bit late as my youngest child-I believe his name is Erik-is 24. But as I always said after missing a filing deadline, better late than never.

I have made friendships at Sidley that I will treasure well into the first quarter of 2012. But a career based on the perception of untapped potential, rather than on actual production, has a limited shelf life. I frankly would have expected management to have caught on years ago. I trust that my longevity will serve as a beacon of hope for underperforming lawyers of all ages. No need to name names: you know who you are.

Farewell and best wishes”

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